Limited time items

Main Objective:
Limited time item is used for an one-off boost of revenue.
After the limited time, the item will be gone.
This is always used to boost up the revenue at an instant. However, we should have mature user based, arpu, and paid rate first otherwise it is not effective.
We should have clear visual, both in-game and Fan Page, to tell user there are offers!

1. Resort World
When user enters into the game, there is an eye-catching icon with timer on the left, which clearly telling the user there is an event with limited time (this event is last for 2 days).

When user clicks the icon, a pop-up is showing the attractive item!
The price is marked and user can simply buy it by clicking the more eye-catching Buy! button.

Don’t forget to announce it on the Fan Page!
Mention “limited time only” can help!


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