City Ville – New Collection System

Main Objective:
Collections can always be used as an add-on features of the game – like collecting many different sets of item in exchange of some coins/ exp/ items.
While this can also be used for some specific events to enhance the game play, so as to improve monetization as well.

City Ville has used this to enhance the game play for Valentine’s event, here’s the details:

City Ville has launched the Valentine’s card event inside the game. User can customize the card based on different art templates provided.

Simply speaking, user can make their own cards and send to friends (request notification).

Thus, each user can receive cards from friends (named as Admirers). User can also “share” a wallpost out to ask for more cards.

Click on each admirer can see how the card looks. Click “Share Thanks” can post a wallpost on friend’s wall.

The interesting part is, there are prizes for user to get with enough Admirers.

Not all prizes can be exchanged merely by the number of Admirers; but also some special unknown cards.
As an example below, user has to receive a hard-to-get card to unlock the heart shape grass hedge.
Thus, this enhances more user interaction but not simply “click and send”.
Also, an “Unlock Now” option is provided for monetization.