Consecutive Daily Login Bonus

Main Objective:
Daily Login is just a basic level to retain users from login daily; while consecutive daily login bonus system is an advanced level to retain users from login daily. The aim is to encourage users to play to the games consecutively. In some days, the users might become paid users!

There are many Consecutive Daily Login Bonus System on different Facebook games. Here’re some general examples:

1. Resort World – the “Marathon” encourages user to login the game 5 days in a row to get a stone. Once collecting 4 stones (i.e. login the games 5 days for 4 times; not necessary 20 days consecutively), the user will get the Eiffel Tower! The Eiffel Tower cannot be got in any other methods! That means, this valuable item can only be got in this system exclusively.

2. Sunny Beach
– user is allowed to open 1 bonus gift if he only login for 1 day; if the user login for 2 days consecutively, user is able to open 2 gifts…etc. At 9th day, users are able to open all 9 gifts! To attract user, there should be gifts are valuable/ exclusively; once the user open 1 gift in the 1st day, another 8 gifts are opened up to let the user realizes that there are something great in other gifts! Even though the item is not guaranteed in 1st day, there is a motivation for the user to try to get that in the next day. To avoid the user from getting the valuable items in the 1st day, we can actually control what the user can get in the first few days (yes, so tricky!). Thus, this can retain user to login daily in order to get the valuable items!

3. Restaurant City – Playfish has adjusted the Consecutive Daily Login Bonus System from time to time. Below are one of the systems that encourage users to login continuously for 5 days to get a total of 15 ingredients in 5 days (1 on first day; 2 on second day…5 on fifth day). On the sixth day, it is reset to ⅕.

4. City Ville – Similar to Restaurant City above; Zynga’s City Ville is using 5-days as a cut off of the consecutive daily login system. On 1st to 4th days, user can only get a small amount of coins/ energy (increasingly); while there is an illusion to the users that user has a chance to win the exclusive items on the fifth day! One important thing is … to give illusion to users that there is a chance to win a big reward!

5. Cafe World – the consecutive days are going continuously; you will know which kind of stuffs you are going to get in the following 3 days (e.g. dishes, spice item, stove part, even Cafe Cash!). Somehow Free Cash are one of the main incentives to the user.